Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing including Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath (45 mins-1 hour) £20.00

Come and immerse in a bath of sound created by the healing and powerful crystal bowls, gongs plus other therapeutic instruments. Allow the healing frequencies to vibrate with each cell in your body, helping you to feel more in alignment and balanced with a deeper sense of connection to what your body and mind needs.


Group Sound Bath (up to 3 people per session) - £10 per person 


Couples Sound Bath - £10 per person

*Please note that I no longer offer mobile Sound Healing or other Sessions

Massage Therapies Include:


Full Body Massage (90 mins) £35.00

Working the legs, feet, arms, hands, fingers, abdomen, chest, face, back neck and shoulders; you will feel fully relaxed as you melt into a warm couch, using natural relaxing massage oils as the Swedish massage techniques to dissolve tension, tightness and stress in the body leaving you feeling rejuvenated and stress free.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (45 mins) £20.00

Working the whole back, neck and shoulders, relieving tension and tightness in the back and shoulders plus balancing the chakra system


Indian Head Massage (45 mins) - Seated Treatment £20.00

A seated treatment using the massage chair working the upper back, upper arms, neck and shoulders plus scalp. Using Swedish and traditional Indian Head Massage techniques to balance the nervous system, relieve tension in the head neck and shoulders, can help with migraines, tension headaches, stress and anxiety and promotes a positive sense of well being as well as promoting healthy hair growth.


Natural Facelift Massage

(45 mins) £20.00

Using Japanese and Indian Techniques, we work not only by naturally lifting and toning the skin, but by stimulating the acupressure points on the face therefore treating the whole body also. Our face is our mask to the world and can hold many memories so we can bring down that mask which offers a deep healing and emotional release if needed. A deeply relaxing therapy.

Drainage Face Massage (25 mins) £15.00

Using facial draining techniques to reduce puffiness and improve skin tone.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (1 hour) £25.00

A very gentle massage,  pumping and moving the lymph to drain away toxins and excess fluid. This massage technique does not work the muscles and is ideal for those who carry excess fluid, are not able to exercise or suffer from any swelling in the body (edema)

**Coming soon** Hot stone and cold stone massage from £40.00


*Please allow 15/20 minutes added onto treatment time for a full consultation. If you feel you need a longer consultation, please advise when booking and small charge may be added onto the exchange to cover the time. 

You will also be allocated time after your massage to rest before leaving as some treatments can leave you feeling tired and light headed.

* If you are suffering from any chronic health conditions , please advise when booking as you may need to be referred onto another Practitioner to assist and meet your needs more appropriately.

It is down to the discretion of the therapist as to whether to offer any future treatments.


*Male clients are only accepted on referral or in a group or couples setting or if well known to the therapist*


*See Benefits for more information on Treatments


Other Therapies

Guided Meditation (1 hour) £20.00, 

A one hour guided meditation to take you on a journey for your particular needs. (Please note these are not development sessions in Mindfulness or Meditation, they are guided meditations using imagery and visualisation)

Hopi Ear Candles including Drainage Face Massage £20.00

Using ear candles made from natural ingredients which are lit, placed and held inside the ear creating a relaxing crackling sound and causing a vibration inside the ear to help remove moisture, debris and bacteria. Finished with a drainage facial massage.

Relaxation Days including refreshments, Sound Healing, Massage Treatment,  plus Meditation. Prices start from £70..00 - 10am-4pm. One to one or small groups accommodated.


All therapies are tailored to your needs

*Please note I am not a trained counsellor and I am unable to offer a therapy or counselling session before the treatments. 

All therapies do require a consultation and my guidance will be offered where possible, however if your allocated time runs over by more than 1 hour, a £10 charge will be added onto the exchange.*