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Meditation Teacher Diploma

Come and learn new techniques to enhance your own Meditation Practice and give you the confidence to offer group or one to one guidance and support to others in Meditation.

This course includes:

  • Various meditation techniques

  • Creating sacred space

  • Hands on practice with guided meditations

  • How to run group or weekly meditations 

  • How to guide others professionally

You will receive an accredited qualification as Meditation Teacher which will allow you obtain insurance. 

This is a one day course 10am- 5pm approx with a maximum of 4 per class

Exchange - £100.00 - deposit required to secure space

Next course dates: Friday 29th July 2022 - 2 spaces left.


Indian Head Massage Practitioner Diploma

If you are already a massage therapist or looking to start your own practice, this course will always be a popular therapy to offer clients or friends and relatives. 

This course includes:

  • The history of Indian Head Massage

  • Basic upper body anatomy

  • Chakra System

  • Ayurveda

  • Various Massage Techniques 

  • Practical study and routine

  • Benefits/

  • Contraindications and consultation advice

This is an intensive one day course 10am-5pm approx with a maximum of 4 people 

Exchange - £100.00

Next Course date:  More dates are available.Deposit required to secure space

Please contact to book a course.


Psychic Development Diploma

This is a one day course helping you to learn ways on how to develop your natural psychic abilities. 

Learn to read for others using psychometry and photo readings as well as learning about the chakras and aura.

This course will help you to build confidence so that you can read for others and trust your own inner voice or higher self. 

You will be taken on a meditation to meet your spirit guides and learn how to work with them. 

An open mind is all that is needed. 

Each student will be required to bring a piece of jewellery belonging to them to the course plus a photo of someone they know. The photo can be on a phone.

Maximum of 4 students 

This is a one day course 10am - 5pm

Exchange - £100.00

Next Course date: 

Please contact for details.


Sound Practitioner Diploma 

This course is open to beginners and suitable for anyone wishing to be able to offer sound therapy or healing to clients, as well as to learn the benefits and science behind sound healing. 

It is combining sound and healing at a beginners level as a starting block to using sound for your own healing and for others too.

We will be working with gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, solfeggio chimes and other therapeutic instruments to bring calm and balance into the body. 

You will learn how to offer a sound bath to clients in a group or one to one setting and have practical sessions with the instruments enabling you to feel more comfortable and confident in your sessions. This course has also been accredited by The Complementary Medical Association.

This course will run over 2 days 10am -4pm at a reduced price of £300.00

Maximum of 4 students per course

Next course dates:Please contact for details. 

*This course is not suitable for those with epilepsy, heart devices, acute mental illness or during pregnancy


Healing Practitioner Diploma Course

This course opens you up into the world of healing. We learn what healing is and how to incorporate it into our lives.

 We also look into various types of healing and tap into your own unique healing abilities.

You will learn how to work as a Healing Practitioner and set up your own Practice.

We will be mainly focusing on energy and spiritual healing on this course but also how to involve other aspects such as crystals and pendulums.

It is a relaxed 1 day course and will give you an accredited certificate as a Healing Practitioner. 

This is a one day course 10am-5pm

Exchange £100.00

Next course date:

Please contact for details and to book a course.


Holistic Massage Practitioner Diploma

This course is a back massage course whilst working with clients as a whole to not only bring balance back into their physical body but also to balance them emotionally too.

We will cover the basics of back, neck and shoulder massage, the routine, chakras, auras and energy work also. This is not an aromatherapy course but you can use this in your own practice if you are qualified to do so. This is not equivalent to level 3 Massage. 

This is ideal for therapists who already have some knowledge in massage but not essential

This is a full one day course10am-5.30pm

Exchange £120.00

Next Course date: Please contact for details to book a date.

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Natural Facelift Rejuvenation Massage Diploma 

This course we will be using a combination of Japanese and Indian face massage techniques and incorporate acupressure and facial reflexology techniques. You will be able to receive as well as offering this therapy during the day.


Topics we will be covering on the course:

  • What is Natural Facelift Massage

  • Benefits of Facelift Massage

  • Massage Movements/Mediums

  • Full routine

  • Understanding of energy and energy healing

  • Grounding and shielding

  • Acupressure points on face

  • Contraindications

  • Health and Safety

  • Setting up practice

A relaxed one day course 10am - 5pm

Exchange £100

Next course date: Saturday 23rd July - 1 space left