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There are many benefits from the Therapies on offer such as:

The Massage Treatments create a profound, deep sense of relaxation, relieving tension and tightness in the body, leaving you feeling loose, supple and emotionally balanced. Swedish techniques are used to stimulate the lymphatic system to drain toxins and bring fresh blood and oxygen to your muscles tissues and organs. A great stress reliever! 

*Please note the massage treatments on offer are mainly for relaxation and releasing tension, if you have a specific issue such as severe pain, injury, sciatica or issues such as a slipped disc then please seek advice from your GP or another professional who deals specifically with these issues. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle but effective treatment working on the lymphatic system to drain toxins and excess fluid from the body. This therapy does not work the muscles but encourages the blood and lymph flow to aid many issues such as lymphedema, stress, arthritis, fatigue. skin disorders, swelling, migraines and more.


The Facelift Massage can have profound effects not only physically but emotionally too. The face is our mask to the world. It holds many painful memories as well as tension. By receiving this treatment we are taking down our mask and allowing the release of these painful memories and tension that we may have been holding on to for some time. Using Indian and Japanese acupressure points and techniques, the face becomes toned, refreshed and the whole body feels balanced.


Meditation has been proven to help with clearer and more positive thinking and concentration. It is a great way to reset the nervous system and take you out of fight or flight and back on to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) so that you feel calm, balanced and less anxious. It can also generate profound releases and experiences as you begin to unlock parts of the mind and energy system that you have been keeping suppressed. Everyone is unique in their ability to meditate. We can work together to find the best possible way for you so it becomes a part of your daily practice and routine.


The Tuning Forks have a very healing frequency when in vibration. When applied in a therapeutic setting either on or around the body, they can bring much healing and balance for the client as well as cleansing the aura to release trauma and negative thought patterns.

*Unfortunately, this treatment is not recommended for cancer patients.


Sound Healing or Sound Therapy can have a very positive effect on the nervous system by changing your brainwaves into the relaxed Alpha and Theta from the wide awake Beta.

Allowing the soothing vibrations and sound waves to meet the vibration of your body and match with your frequency, helps you to feel centred, balanced and in full harmony. The human body responds so well to sound and it can often help to flush out pain or blocked emotions. Some have many enlightening experiences during a sound bath such as: Seeing colours, visions, memories and a feeling of floating. 

*Please note due to the powerful vibrations of some of the instruments used, any treatments involving the gong, sound bowls and tuning forks are not suitable for those who are pregnant, have heart devices, have severe mental illness or suffer from epilepsy. Cancer patients will need to consult their physician before booking a treatment